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Your Why

We’re VERY interested in your WHY…and we will spend ample time listening to your WHY.

After all, it’s what YOU want (or your pain) that drives our every action.

We’re passionate about solving your (previously held) worries about your WHY, these or others:

How much do I need to save for my Retirement?

  • Your best friend just died at age 50.
  • Wondering if your assets will outlast you?
  • Not sure what amount of risk may be necessary to fund your lifestyle?
  • Fear your 401(k) savings aren’t enough to provide adequate monthly income?
  • How are you going to spend your time once you cut back working & how are you going to pay for it?
  • Your last physical showed new health vulnerabilities.
  • Don’t know which of our financial products you should keep or cash in?
  • Seeking objective, fiduciary advice?
  • Wanting assistance in transitioning to less structured days, while still feeling useful?
  • Your parents’ caregiving needs are more pronounced.
  • Don’t know if you should still keep your life insurance?
  • Realize a need for more weekend (not just weekday) friends?
  • Seeking professional advice on what risks to insure & which ones to self-fund?
  • Curious about how to maximize charitable giving tax benefits.
  • Needing to plan finances to care for your special needs child?
  • Seeking inexpensive methods to pass either lifetime income or a lump sum to your kids?
  • Uncertainty as to whether your existing estate plan affords you maximum tax savings?
  • Realizing you will soon Retire FROM something, yet not yet sure what you will Retire TO…

We do appreciate most women’s desires to have at least a working knowledge of money/finance. And we’ve responded by teaching our clients the ‘cliff notes about investing’, eliminating the ‘financial noise’ to focus in on what’s most important, right now.

So ultimately, while you may want more education, in the meantime,

you probably just want answers


You’ve come to the right place!

We’re here to give you answers.

CHALLENGE: Getting Answers To Your Unique Problems, has been a huge problem for many women, given the plethora of commission salespeople who earn big commissions for the sale of life insurance and annuities. They aren’t trained in listening to your challenges with an ear to solving those with expert advice. Rather, those high commission products are their go to vehicle, becoming their singular proverbial ‘hammer’.

Who among us hasn’t been sold insurance products/heavily loaded mutual funds?

  • It hurts, it feels like a betrayal,
  • It’s costly (lost time and valuable money) and,
  • It can cause some of us not to trust anyone.

Yet life is filled with new challenges—expected and unexpected–that require new answers, so we’re all wise to adhere to the ancient Japanese Proverb:

Fall seven times. Stand up eight.

- Japanese Proverb


SOLUTION: We’ve provided a video regarding this challenge on our Learning Center page to educate you on the 3 types of financial advisors.

You deserve financial professionals with Expertise (which is far more rare and valuable) to solve YOUR unique problems. You deserve unbiased advice, compassionate listening, to hear your concerns….and to offer choices/solutions/strategies….

You deserve the caring, the competence and the compassion of our Empowered Retirement, Inc. team to help make the next 30 years,

your best 30 years!

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