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Our Why

Our Why is Simple

We believe your two most valuable assets are


We’re passionate about leveraging and managing your money in ways that support your health and free up more time.

We’ve heard the deathbed utterances of those wishing for more time with family, more experiences with friends, more leisure, less stress. You’ve no doubt heard several yourself.

We honor this wisdom, and commit to making a real difference in women’s lives, especially with our penchant for empowering women around their money; to use money as a tool.

As we look at each day’s obituaries, our best guess is that probably 98% of the people listed didn’t plan on being there yesterday…

Valuable time is slipping away


Our WHY for helping women, or those nearing retirement is that the landscape has changed significantly in the last decade.

Our parents didn’t HAVE to plan for their retirements like we have to plan. WHY?

  • Defined Benefit Pension Plans have been replaced with 401(k) plans (& some of us didn’t get the memo about how MUCH we were going to have to save ourselves).
  • Longevity is here to stay. We can retire, yet our money CAN’T…it has to keep on compounding far longer.
  • Tax laws have changed drastically in ways that cost most of us much more money.
  • MAGI—Modified Adjusted Gross Income thresholds have to be monitored & managed OR you’ll find yourself paying a $150/month PENALTY on your Social Security Medicare Part B premium for not 1 year, but 2 years!
  • Investment decisions have to be integrated with income tax ramifications to limit tax leakage.
  • Huge short-term market valuation changes subject us to unintended Sequence of Return risks.
  • Health related expenses are now largely OUR responsibility – no more company provided Health-Insurance-for-Life benefits.
  • Divorce rates of couples spike within first 18 months of retirement; we don’t want that to happen on our watch.

We’ve attracted some clients who realized a year into retirement that they hadn’t properly planned, or to hear them tell it, “we didn’t retire well” & now they’ve pivoted and co-created happy, purposed-filled Empowered Retirements. Why wait?

We want to get to know you to help you make the best decisions possible to meet your goals.

Our firm’s focus is to vet and understand your goals—short and long-term. Ultimately solving YOUR Why is our objective, period.

Admittedly some women have been so busy making a living and perhaps juggling family responsibilities, they haven’t thought so much about their goals. We hear you!

So we typically start with the premise that you want to at least maintain your current lifestyle going forward, if not enhance it.

We are a repository of great trip itineraries and we welcome yours too. Our clients have experienced some awesome vacations and educational, exploratory trips, both within the US and around the globe. We’re happy to share these to stoke your imagination about your next travel experiences. And yes, we insist our clients send us pictures, so we can share in their discoveries.

After all, what’s the point of these decades of hard work, if not to ENJOY your life?

We want you to make as many memories as possible with your family and friends…that’s Our Why!

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