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Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy is Simple

We are Seasoned Life-Centered Planners Who Tell The Truth About Money & Life.

Money is a tool to help you maintain your lifestyle, achieve your dreams, buy you choices and potentially leave a legacy to your family, friends and/or society.

While longevity is statistically a growing risk, life is not guaranteed, nor is it a dress rehearsal.

We’re passionate about strategizing how you can live your best life now, creating memories while you are more able bodied and mentally sharp, regardless of your age.


Our 62+ years of collective wisdom in Financial (Life-Centered) Planning has shaped our focus to do what’s necessary so you get to live the life you want, with your remaining time on this planet.

We make getting financially fit FUN! You don’t even have to break a sweat!

We’ve helped women with little money and women with lots of money.

Given that choice, I’d prefer that folks have ample money so that they can buy additional services that may preserve or enhance their health, and craft a purpose-driven life, without being tethered to the art, science & discipline of effective money management; that’s our passion.

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